Publicly recognized organizer of educational activities (JPOA) accredited by the Qualification Agency


‘Online Bookkeeping training’

According to the Law on Adult Education („Сл. гласник РС“, No. 55/13, 88/17, 27/18-other Laws and 10/19)  and the Law on the National Qualifications Framework of the Republic of Serbia („Сл. гласник РС“, No. 27/18 and 6/20)
Adult education is a part of a unique education system in the Republic of Serbia, which is realized as formal and non-formal education.

Accreditation by the Qualifications Agency, established by the Government of the Republic of Serbia in 2018, by adopting the Decision on the Establishment of the Qualifications Agency („Сл. гласник РС“, No. 68/2018),

IDEGO. d.o.o. has acquired the status of a publicly recognized organizer of adult education activities (JPOA), for the implementation of the program of non-formal adult education Bookkeeping training, which meets the standards for the implementation of training programs for work in the profession (Solution no. 610-04-059 / 2020/5 of 18.11.2020.).

Upon completion of the training, which will be organized through e-Learning, participants are issued a Certificate for partially achieved standard of professional competencies from the qualification standard for the qualification of Financial Administrator.

Certificate example