E-learning Content Creation

When developing specialized content for your e-learning needs, we take an innovative and creative approach using the latest technological solutions.

For the production of teaching lessons - courses, relevant content is needed that can be provided in several ways:


The client recommends the content in the form of text and/or presentation. This material is later processed and converted into electronic form.


Idego team, in cooperation with several experts, creates content. That content is delivered to the client for an evaluation, after which the courses are created.


Purchasing courses content from the third-party users, which we implement for our clients.

What else we do?

Strategy development and consulting
Implementation of e-learning system
Technical support
User support

We have worked with organizations from various sectors

Financial Sector
Public Sector
Education Sector

An overview of the courses that have been created and implemented so far

These are just some of the courses we have created for our clients, in cooperation with experts from different fields:

  • Mobing
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Teamwork & Leadership
  • Business Ethics
  • Risk Management
  • Physical security of institutions and enterprises
  • Managing Customer Satisfaction
  • Internal control system
  • New Employee Orientation

All courses produced by Idego are interactive - we display content in form of animations, text and videos followed by the voice of professional narrators. The interaction incorporated in the courses allows greater efficiency in the application of LMS system. The system allows users to repeat certain content as many times as it takes for user to fully adopt the lecture. Also, going through the courses we create, there are various questionnaires which allow the users to determine how successful they were in adopting and mastering the subject matter, even before the actual transition to official testing.

Big Blue Button

When implementing Moodle LMS for our clients, we usually do the implementation of the Big Blue Button tool too, that serves as a web classroom – web conferencing in real time. This tool is fully integrated with Moodle LMS and its key feature is the ability to record lecturer sessions and rewrites according to the user’s needs and requirements.