For education

We create extraordinary e-learning solutions for all types of organizations in education sector – Universities, high schools, primary schools and other educational facilities.


of college graduates believe their school did not prepare them for employment.


million students are studying at least one of their courses online.


of all college students will be engaged in e-learning by 2019.

Why using e-learning in education?

Studies on e-learning have made it increasingly clear that e-learning has several positive benefits for learners such as better attitude toward the learning in general, greater ability to apply the new knowledge and better long-term retention of information.

Time & Money Savings

E-learning reduces time eliminates the need for travel and removes the need for classroom-based training.

High Learning Retention

Coursework can be refreshed and updated whenever needed so there is a higher knowledge retention rate.

Flexible delivery

All lectures and needed materials are provided via online platforms, so it is easily accessible from anywhere, anytime.

What type of e-learning solutions can be implemented?