About Idego

E-learning is what learners really want - relevant, customized and self-paced courses at a point of need. And Idego is your trusted e-learning partner.

Why e-learning

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to harmonize professional and private obligations with personal development via traditional learning methods. On the other side, learning in the classroom of a large number of people causes significant costs for companies and organizations - both direct and indirect training costs (fees, travel expenses, printing materials) and indirect costs due to employee absence from work.

Studies on e-learning have made it increasingly clear that e-learning has several positive benefits for learners such as better attitude toward the learning in general, greater ability to apply the new knowledge or processes on the job and better long-term retention of information.

Idego. A complete range of e-learning solutions.

Idego implements technologies that can be understood and used and creates courses according to the concept of providing what people want, need, and according to the abilities they have. This way, we allow people to learn and grow, and organizations to achieve their defined business objectives.

Through various education programs for business, education, NGO or government sector - we help our clients develop profit-oriented education strategy that guarantees the return on investment, rapid knowledge accumulation, and significant savings of time and financial resources.

Our Process

1. Getting / Developing knowledge
2. Preparing scenario
3. Customer Approve scenario
4. Designing electronic form
5. Implementing and testing - GO LIVE

We are certified Moodle partner

Moodle is the world’s leading learning management system offering private websites with collaborative activities and powerful features for elearning. Moodle has over 118 million registered users in more than 233 countries.

What does partnership with Moodle brings to our users?

  • Security
  • Investment protection
  • Additional support
  • Update SW

To learn more about Moodle check out one of our blog posts: Moodle Statistics.