E-Learning Trends In 2018

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There are many practical reasons why a large number of people is deciding to improve their education through E-learning.  Undoubtedly, this way of passing the knowledge and experience has gotten more and more popular throughout the years. That’s why we are presenting to you some of the main trends of the year 2018:

1. VR/AR Virtual and Augmented Reality

From the moment radio, television, internet, smart phones and other devices appeared, we no longer live in just physical reality. We can freely say we overcame it a long time ago and are living in the (expanded) augmented reality.  It’s a reality we’ve been in for decades and it provides the opportunityof seeing the world that is complemented with computerized texts, sound and video. For example, when we make phone calls with a person who can be thousands of miles away, we use an enhanced reality and we can hear that person as if he is next to us. It is clear that people have used this fact in order to facilitate the way of learning and transferring knowledge. Today, people can learn from their computers, phones, read and listen to e-books, watch tutorials, take courses while sitting at their table and drinking coffee. Therefore, an enhanced reality is an irreplaceable e-learning tool that we can freely say that it will always be present.

Virtual reality, on the other hand, is a deeper step in extending the possibility of a near future that resembles the novel of science fiction. Still quite unattainable, it would be a reality in which we could use all the senses to experience new things, to play, but also to learn!



A very popular term that is increasingly being used in the field of e-learning. The main goal is to inform and educate users with various types of games. We all sometimes like to play a game on the phone, collect some points, cross levels. Gamification transforms educational content into an attractive form of entertainment. It encourages the competitive spirit and creates a sense of satisfaction for a job well-done. One of the more familiar examples is Duolingo, a language learning application, where we cross the levels and increase the knowledge of the desired language. Everyone agrees that this is an excellent form of education.



With a rapid way of living today and less available time, micro learning has emerged as a logical and practical way of education. It is also called “bite sized” learning, which means it consists of small entities that require minimal time to cross and learn effectively. Usually, they consist of short videos, clips, tutorials, but also exercises and quizzes that are easily monitored and provide the essence of the necessary knowledge at a given moment. Popular with young, busy people and millennials, this trend will be even more present in this, and probably in the upcoming years.



A new type of learning, which has long been ignored, was created with the idea of ​​being tailored for each individual. Unlike classical education, personalized learning is adapted to personal needs, goals and desires. The idea is that everyone learns exactly what they are interested in with a mentor, in order to have the knowledge from certain areas. More and more people think that this type of learning should be involved in youth education so they can build confidence and learn actively and with interest from young age. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and the American developer and entrepreneur, decided to invest some of his wealth in the development of a personalized education program.


Although e-learning provides possibilities of learning from any place at any time we choose, it still has a social aspect of education that existed long before the Internet and digitization. LMS platforms have introduced a variety of social educational features, and the most popular are live chats, forums, webinars, questions and answers, going through audio and video content in groups, etc. Although some of these types of social education require attendees to be online at the same time, this is still a very popular trend and will continue to be present in this year.


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